When the dead don’t play fair, love is both a blessing and a burden

Niah has made three promises to the dead. Avenge her ancestors’ murder. Reclaim the throne. And the last, placed on the prince’s bloody lips, is a promise he’ll always have her heart.

But the castle is full of schemers and ruled by a tyrannical king. To fulfil her vows and secure a future for her new baby, she must rely on her wits and the heretical practices of her ancestors. Any missteps and she’ll follow them to the noose.

And then there’s Raen, the king’s bastard son. Back from exile, he wants everything that was his half-brother’s—including Niah. When they clash, they spark a passion that threatens their commitment to the spirits haunting the castle and their dreams. Debts must be paid and promises must be kept, but at what cost?

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It’s 7 pm. Something is going to happen.

Four malevolent men have arrived at the decaying tower block. Only Jamie Scott, a precocious teen with a messiah-complex, knows what their arrival portends for the inhabitants—salvation or death.

Follow Jamie through Asphodel Meadows and a series of interlocking stories to discover who these men are. And if you’re good, he might just show you why he’s called them.

If you enjoy unreliable narrators with questionable morals then you’ll enjoy entering the gritty world of Jamie Scott.

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